No Territory Band Black Understudy Program

“Jazz” is black music, but one finds very few black players in the most prominent and innovative circles of the Twin Cities jazz scene.

To encourage the performing and composing of creative improvised music by a younger generation of black musicians in the Twin Cities, composer and drummer Davu Seru has put out a call for black improvising musicians (between the ages of 18 and 30) who play any of the following (un-amplified) instruments:

  • Brass (especially trombone and trumpet)
  • Woodwinds (especially clarinets & baritone saxophone)
  • Bowed strings (especially violin, viola and cello)
  • Voice

Understudies are invited to sit-in on monthly rehearsals at Studio Z in Saint Paul where they will have the opportunity to learn the No Territory Band repertoire and to eventually sub for current “1st-call” players. This gives the composer a broader pool of players to draw from as well as feeds at least one strain of the jazz tradition with which No Territory Bands identifies.

And, if you would like to help support the program, consider donating at Patreon.

And stay tuned!

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