No loneliness so big as this apart

From try too hard to seize a raided bloom 

Her holdings pr’serve marked trust but first this first

Think: what value in new pin dropped here consume

Leftovers calcifically awake to grow old wants so well.

Some buxom clues fits my mind too dull to judge 

Toward seize some womb plugged in once more some womb.

Ain’t no lone gift preserved more trust, old man

Boom bap tail fat rub love object, look’t that! 

OK cupid, muse me such words unthought begat 

Unthought effort ne’r cease what rhythm bounce 

From whence to what role ala Francaise ‘scuse my French

That she might not ne’r want to know your want

Sis done been there sis done felt such as you

No ‘lone too big for this apart from learning well. 

Term frays ‘cording to homegirl’s wits end its pitch

By pitch survey each click on cue say, Bae!

Wh’you select impress upon select? What you

been reading, n-word, they epitaph today? 

The one they left for hasty ones at birth?

And grown to take those likingnesses as you?

Get some get some swipe right skin say get some 

They mobs do tinder too much good to match

Each feast of several bumble idiots this catch.

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