No Territory Band

Davu formed No Territory Band in February of 2016, principally for playing his original compositions in unamplified settings. The members include clarinetist Pat O’Keefe , saxophonist Nathan Hanson, trombonist JC Sanford, baritone saxophones Scott Fultz and up-and-coming trumpeter Jake Baldwin and vibraphonist Levi Schwartzberg.

The band allows Davu to dialogue with some of the composers most influential to his development as a composing musician–namely Anthony Braxton, Andrew Hill and George Russell–while maintaining the integrity of jazz and improvised music as folk forms of expression. The compositions self-consciously play in blues, African polyrhythm, and chorale-like arrangements for horns. But in all cases ensemble members are free to treat idiom, form, and score as rules meant to be broken.

The band will make its European debut at Festival Kind of Belou in Treignac, France, in August 2018.

Here are some demos.